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to the deadly shootings in newtown, connecticut and the nra's proposal to put armed police officers in every school in america. darcy spencer is joining us live near 14th street where a march is getting under way tonight. darcy? >> jim, i was able to speak to one of the organizers of this event this afternoon. he tells me when he was just two years old he witnessed his own mother being shot and killed. he says, in fact, the gunman turned the gun on him but fortunately it locked up and his life was spared. ever since then, he is an advocate for gun control. that's what this rally is about here this afternoon. the video we're going to show you was taken a few minutes ago as they were getting ready for this rally here in columbia heights. this is all about gun control. they're calling on congress, calling on the president to enact an assault weapons ban. they're calling for them again to take immediate action on this issue in light of the shootings in newtown, connecticut. we're going to hear from the gentleman i spoke about who lost his mother to gun violence and also we're going to hear from
of connecticut, that need to know and see a clear picture to exactly what happens here. >> reporter: police say sandy hook elementary will remain a locked-down crime scene for months. today crews pulled furnace from the unaffected chatrooms moving it to a school in a neighboring town, though it's still not clear when it might be used. >> they'll be excused, of course, from further notify. they're developing plans on how to best handle that. >> reporter: investigators are still gathering what they called significant evidence. they will not discuss specifically what's been seized, but there are reports the gunman's home computer may not reveal much. it was apparently smashed and torn apart before the killing spree. >> very painstaking process in forensic science. it's going to take some time to do that. >> reporter: and it will take some time to interview the more than 100 witnesses, including at some point the children who survived the attack. >> very, very tender, tender issue. i can tell you any interviews done will be done with professionals, with parents and with investigators. >> reporter:
went back to the classroom in newtown, connecticut. while more families laid more victims to rest. in the words of one high school senior, there's going to be no joy in school today. meanwhile, one elementary school in town did not open after the school received some sort of threat. the district was not taking any chances. also, as the morning continues the focus now turns to gun control. today the white house says president barack obama is actively supportive of efforts on capitol hill to reinstate an assault weapons ban. nbc's jay gray joins from us connecticut with more on the young lives buried way too soon. >> reporter: yeah, good to talk to you. as you talk about another rough day. first graders from sandy hook elementary all gathered again to lay to rest two more of their classmates while students from other schools here went back to class for the first time since the tragedy. the pain offing good-bye has become a part of every day now in newtown. this grieving community buried two more first graders today. jessica rekos loved horses and asked santa for cow girl boots and h
guns and gun control is growing after the shooting in newtown, connecticut. there was a small protest outside a northern virginia gun store this afternoon. darcy spencer is live in falls church tonight with reaction from both sides, darcy. >> reporter: jim, yeah, the rally was held right across the street from here. in this building is that gun shop among other businesses. the gun shop owner says that there has never been a protest here outside of his business before, but he really didn't have a problem with it because they were exercising their first amendment rights. >> reporter: it was a quiet anti-gun protest of about a dozen people outside the nova firearms gun shop on best broad street in falls church. >> to kill innocent people is immoral, and for the rest of us to allow it to go on is complicit. >> reporter: led by reverend jim birch, protesters are joining the call for a ban on assault style weapons and aim nition and more funding for mental health problems. >> it's document founding to think the answer to violence is to put the weapons of mo more violence in the hands of peo
and gun sales have gone way up since the deadly shootings in newtown connecticut a couple weeks ago. gun rights activists are worried that tighter restrictions could be passed in the new year. >>> there was a solemn vigil today outside a gun shot, which called for a crackdown on gun sales. demonstrators rang bells and pray prayed it's one of the most profitable gun dealers in the nation. they called for the end to assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. >> we come at this hour to condemn the use of guns in every act of violence throughout this nation and indeed this world. >> the owner of realco guns did not respond for requests for comments. a few miles away, people at target practice told us they feel for the newtown victims, but they believe in responsible gun ownership. >>> u.s. customs officials have had a busy week keeps drugs from coming into the country. last friday agency's 214 pounds of a leafy stimulant, part of a shipment supposed to be made up of wood coffee tables. on christmas eve agents found more than 11 pounds of heroin sewn into the lining of a suitcase carried by
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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